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Stop Wasting Money!

Do you have a plan when it comes to spending money, or is your plan simply to spend whatever is in your pocket? If you relate more to the latter, then it’s time you learn how to budget!

According to CareerBuilder.com, nearly 80% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck. While this, unfortunately, is the norm, it doesn’t have to be! Taking control of your finances is not only empowering, but it’s also rewarding.

No matter how much you earn, everyone wants more. Learn how to create and live within your budget to make the most of what you do have! Looking into spending habits can be scary- but what’s even more frightening is not knowing where all your hard-earned money is going!

You may be living above your means, which means you’re accruing a lot of debt. This can cause excess stress and negatively impact your health and overall happiness. Let me help you create and stick to a budget during my educational email series Budgeting Basics! All you have to do it opt-in.

Meet Michael Pope Jr, Your Financial Guide

We're Debt Free! I will never forget those life-changing words as we stood in Ramsey Solutions on July 10, 2017. We had finally done it.

In 2016, my wife and I started learning how to manage our money and get out of debt using Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace program. We knew that it would take work to pay off $119,000 of consumer debt. We trusted Dave's Program and we trusted God to provide for us. The journey wasn't easy but it has been worth it. We look forward to helping you with your journey through this email series.

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Michael Pope Jr

Financial Freedom

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If you’re part of that 80% of workers who are living paycheck to paycheck, I want to help!

During my email series, I will share the benefits of creating a budget, explain the dark side of credit cards, provide tips for balancing your cash flow, and much more!

My goal is to help you gain control over your personal finances so you can feel confident about your financial future. Whether your goal is to put money away for retirement, save for a family vacation, get out of debt, or create a realistic emergency fund - creating a budget is the first step!

Financial freedom is within your reach, but first, you have to know where your dollars and cents are going. For expert tips on budgeting basics, opt-in today!

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